What is a screen and recoat?


A screen and recoat buffs the top layer of finish and add a fresh coat to restore the glow to your floors and give them a refreshed look. Screen and recoat can help prolong the length of time between full sandings.  Over time, the top protective layer of finish will wear down.  This leaves the wood more vulnerable to scratches and spills, and the lustre becomes more dull.   The key is do a screen and recoat before your floors get badly scratched up.  Once the scratches have gone through the color, it’s often too late.  How often should you screen your floors?  Well this depends on how much traffic your floors get and whether or not you wear shoes.  But, as a general rule of thumb, if you screen every 3 years or so, not only can  you avoid a full sanding but also save money.